Cataloochee Holdings, LLC (a wholly owned subsidiary of EquiTrust USA): The central governance of the resort and its contituent companies.


Cataloochee World, LLC
Community relations; with a primary duty to guide the resort's efforts to enhance the quality of life in Jonathan Valley and the economic well being of Western North Carolina.

Cataloochee Hospitality, LLC
Managing Development and operations of all hotel and guest amenities. Condominium components physically integrated into the hospitality services are also within this company.

Cataloochee Wilderness Resort, LLC
Development, management. and operations of the overall resort; including the future ski resort development. This company will  develop the vision, plans and strategies for implementation of all phases, as well as the “fit” of the components within them.

Cataloochee Commons, LLC
Retail development and management; beginning with Phase 1A (The commons)  and extending through all subsequent retail services in future phases. Residential portions integrated in the mixed-use plaza are also developed and managed by this company.

Cataloochee Development, LLC
The construction management arm of Cataloochee Holdings, LLC.





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